Sunday, September 5, 2010

by bus or train..

Ok sooo last night i took both the new york subway and bus...all i can say is interesting. In comments to the was extra confusing..i wish they had simple maps. but i did learn something. you know how they always say that new yorkers are mean?? i didnt experience that on my 2hr bus ride(we got lost)..people where polite, they gave up there seats to older people or those with babies..even those who just looked to be having a rough day...and for the subway wassss dirty and definately reminded me of the subway seen for The Wiz [love that movie] ..i whole time i was waiting for the painted pillars to come alive and start chasing me and my friends. Other than trip was fun..much longer than expected..but fun. i give myself another 5 trips before i have the system master. then i'll be crusing the streets of bus or train that is..

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