Sunday, September 5, 2010

by bus or train..

Ok sooo last night i took both the new york subway and bus...all i can say is interesting. In comments to the was extra confusing..i wish they had simple maps. but i did learn something. you know how they always say that new yorkers are mean?? i didnt experience that on my 2hr bus ride(we got lost)..people where polite, they gave up there seats to older people or those with babies..even those who just looked to be having a rough day...and for the subway wassss dirty and definately reminded me of the subway seen for The Wiz [love that movie] ..i whole time i was waiting for the painted pillars to come alive and start chasing me and my friends. Other than trip was fun..much longer than expected..but fun. i give myself another 5 trips before i have the system master. then i'll be crusing the streets of bus or train that is..

Friday, September 3, 2010


sit.wonder.write.....i remember when i wanted to rule the world..i still want that dream and plan to attend the giant fiet some saddens me when people give up there dreams ...when they start saying "i remember when i wanted to..." make it happen. If you remember ,than the want is still there so find the hope and the ambition to go rule the world..

Career wise i mean..

I just realized i don't know what the hell i want to be/do when i graduate from college in four years. and i know that's not a big deal but regardless it is a little worrying. I am currently a English major..but idk. i know i want to be in a extremely creative field art or fashion or literature. But i want to find a way to combind them all. these subjects excite me ..i know i would love going to work everyday if i was doing one of them. I could never be behind a desk...and if i was it would need to be a giant glass desk overlooking all of Manhattan and i would need to be using my creative powers extensively...i would need to be running the show i.e. boss lady. My biggest dream is to combind the 3 previous professions into one mondo job where i can make obscene amounts of money and become slightly famous doing so..that would be perfection in my eyes. Career wise i mean.

Just a thought...

you know what i love. random vintage stores and thrift stores. You find the most intresting things there. When ever i go i find myself wanting to buy more than just aged clothing but also strange matching salt and pepper shakers shaped that are shaped like tiny pigs holding hands or a picture of frozen flowers on the first winters frost in 1956. And to top off the random appeal, these items all cost less than 10 dollars each, clothing included. BUt you still get the same antique look that would shopping at urban outfitters; where they tack on an extra 50 bucks for there name on the bag. just a though.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The College clique. --Collegiate Memoir

I started college last week. So good. I feel like my high school truly prepared me for the extremely long papers to come...who would have known that the past four years weren't all for nothing lol I'm excited by all of it...but also scared. I hope that in four years I'm a smart confident women who is ready to rock the world. Until then I'll just give it a little shake every now and them.

Monday, August 30, 2010

the most romatic and calming song

Make the words roll over your tongue to mine
As I probably kiss you better than I'll tell you
And the way that you touch feel so sublime
-solange cosmic journey

Saturday, August 28, 2010

im back in acion

finally got a new laptop and I'm extra happy. my blog is now revived and will hopefully be in frequent use for the new four+ years. i now attend st.johns university in queens NY. so far...its been ok/average. Im waiting for the city to strike me with the its intriguing...i dont know...wonder. i plan to venture out as soon as i become equated. i'll let u know when said trip takes place...

Thursday, January 21, 2010

my line..

i decided that im going to start a fashion line. prolly in the next ten to fifteen years. i want it to be called sois.. which means "to be" in french (i take french) its like 'the essence'... like 'the act of being' (deep..huh) well i want the store to be similar to the store Zara..i heart that place..its upscale but not crazy expensive...soooo look out for sois in 2023 -- pronounced suwa =]

the gaga surprise...

i really wasn't expecting to like lady gaga's CD but i found it to be great... i very much enjoyed its collection of upbeat and party tempo songs. Her performance at the mtv awards was no less of "interesting" but i was happy to see the more about music and less about "making a statement" side of her. Listening to this cd (fame moster) always seems to make me wanna get dressed and go paint the town yellow and dance around while doing so. listen if you haven't.

Monday, January 18, 2010

I needa car...

i really need a car/ badly/ sadly i walk/ better yet i run/ ride shotgun with license in hand/ sometimes i get lucky on weekends/ other times im stuck/ i sit/ with pen or paint brush in hand/ painting my escape plan/ to get out and shout/ to run jump and crawl/ but until i find keys/ i go nowhere at all/.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Ask me anything

escape to a movie...

Have you every escaped the world into a movie..? you know...when your having a crap day and you go to the movies and become consumed by the story. forgetting your friends or date is even there...sometimes the movie isn't even that good. its just soo much better then the day your experiencing that you love it.
i love that feeling and the one after...when you walk out of the theater and back to your crap life..and you think that was the greatest fucking movie everrrr! =]

Thursday, January 14, 2010

chocolate optimism...

I swear I saw my day fall away…for me. Through my hands..away from standard time…away from my heart and mind. I watched as small things went wrong. One by one as the day went on..slowly it slipped away. Until I could not longer grab it back…take control..optomise my situation. I walked..wondering how it had all happened replaying it in my mind.. I reached im my pocket only to find a tootsie roll.. half unwrapped..i finished the job and popped it back. the chocolately bliss renewed my hope. I felt the sugar seep into my soul and this is the whisper I was told: today has slipped away in time, fallen, lost never to be found…but tomorrow is still in your hands…don’t let it hit the ground.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

yet i love you winter.....

i am amazed at how much of a love-hate relationship i have with the winter time. The snow sometimes takes my breath away with its beauty then the wind literally takes my breath away as well as my hat. i do love winter wear; boots leggings hats wool etc. but i hate that sometimes its sooooo cold that no one every sees your party worthy outfit. i hate slipping on ice, shoveling snow and feeling like your phalanges are going to fall off and constantly blowing my nose but for some reason i always forget all the cons...until they happen... but then again its always easy to love winter when your sitting inside...