Friday, September 3, 2010

Career wise i mean..

I just realized i don't know what the hell i want to be/do when i graduate from college in four years. and i know that's not a big deal but regardless it is a little worrying. I am currently a English major..but idk. i know i want to be in a extremely creative field art or fashion or literature. But i want to find a way to combind them all. these subjects excite me ..i know i would love going to work everyday if i was doing one of them. I could never be behind a desk...and if i was it would need to be a giant glass desk overlooking all of Manhattan and i would need to be using my creative powers extensively...i would need to be running the show i.e. boss lady. My biggest dream is to combind the 3 previous professions into one mondo job where i can make obscene amounts of money and become slightly famous doing so..that would be perfection in my eyes. Career wise i mean.

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