Monday, March 16, 2009

day 1.5

most days...i just walk the halls with a smile. i laugh at everything. but truly i only place my feeling on the page. Its hard sometimes. I've come to learn that just because a person is nice to you doesn't mean there a nice person, it just means they have manners. i have about 5 friends, you could call them best. Over the last 2 years Ive grown so much. i am myself. if that makes any since. I mean i know who i am or better yet who i want to become. i am one of the millions of world citizens who would like to famous but id actually just like to be known for something. only hopefully with some luck, hard work and gods grace...i will actually be successful.

So the other day i was in new york for a track meet ( i run track) and i noticed something really random while standing outside the armory...a white pigeon with a two black spots, it was surrounded by gray ones. i took it as a sign ..of what i don't know. but as it stood there in the middle of the sidewalk..i knew it was significant in some way... i often feel like that white bird. and yes i know cliche. but really i do. i know that i am more than what people see and that I'm meant to be out there in the Sky's soring..not pecking at french fries on the street like every other random gray pigeon...but i digress..

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