Thursday, March 19, 2009

Day 3

Ok. so today...was interesting. I got to school late as usual...missed homeroom. We had mass today..liturgy to "bless" all these million dollar new renovations the had on the school. Class was the same..i stayed awake for the most part. The periods were shortened today to 45mins. now that was a true blessing. chemistry was was changed to study hall because our teacher wanted to go live her life today. ha...ethics unfortunately again did not teach me anything ethical.. and n'aime pas le class.
After school..i wandered around campus with D (best friend)...after about 20mins we found ourselves in the library..i walked in to be overwhelmed by the awkwardness of my ex...luckily he left. I started my homework..i hate homework. eventually D left and i stayed...bored at the table...then i gotta text. my dad was there...finally home...
soo ok i lied my day wasn't that interesting, but u read it. ha.

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