Monday, March 23, 2009

Day 6

Ok so for my creative writing class we had to write a short story and ummm here's mine...

Lola in a Sundress

Her wild hair glistened and its black color seemed to swallow the light and shoot it back at you. She glowed. The sundress contrasted her dark hair so strongly that it caused him to squint a little. She slowly walked up the sidewalk by the lake, toward the bench where he sat. “Hello, I’m Lola” said the young lady, extending here dainty caramel hand and taking a seat next to him. He stared, not sure weather to shake her hand or to kiss it or to bow in her presence. He went with a shake. “I’m Jacob” he replied “..but most people call me Jake… but I mean.. I…you… you can call me Jacob if you’d like or Jake…I mean either one is fine..” He began to ramble on about him name. Lola just smiled politely and listened. After about 2 minutes she kindly said “How about… I just call u Jake?” “O yea, that’s cool” He replied trying to regain his composure but, he could not. The pale boy was unmatched in comparison to her indigenous beauty.

“Well I gotta go…I gotta get my stuff for school to tomorrow. I’m starting at Lake Trent

“Your coming to MY school..?”

“Yea I guess…I just moved her from Georgia” she replied with a slight giggle responding to his shock.

“Oh.. well I guess I’ll see you tomorrow then.. Lola”

“Yes you will… Jake”

There was a awkward pause and then Lola turned and got up. They didn’t say bye. She just smiled and walked away. Jake stared out on to the lake. He thought about how happy he was he had took the run in the park this morning. How happy he was that he got tired and decide to sit on this bench. After feeding the ducks for a while he got up and started jogging back toward home, the opposite way that Lola had walked.

The Next day, Jake made sure to get to school a little early. He figured he would aid in the office today, for extra school hours. Well at least that’s what he told all his friends as he passed by there usual morning hangout spot. Really, he knew that being a new student and all, Lola would be waiting in the office to talk to the principle and get her new schedule. And just like the sun and moon, there she was. She was sitting in a chair next to the door. Jake actually passed her when he first walked in but when he went behind the sectaries desk to take a seat he saw her. She was simply dressed. A blue t-shirt, with a white cardigan, a jean skirt and small wedge sandals. Her hair was wild like before only this time she had on a head band like she had tried to tame the front. So simple he though yet so beautiful. She looked up from the books on her lap and smiled at him. “Hi Jake” she mouthed from across the room. This time he would remember to keep cool. He gave a small nod being sure to flip his hair. But she was already back to looking at her books.

Jake basically skipped all his classes that day. He begged Principle Bergin to let him be Lola’s guide for her first day. After much persuasion he agreed.

Jake cared her books and walked her to all her classes. They talked about everything for easy ‘A’ teachers to what spots to ditch class at. She’s so down to earth he thought. Although he had noticed a sort of sadness in her brown eyes, just on the other side. As though she had a story to tell but kept it in her heart. He hoped one day she would tell him. Jake forgot the world that day. Lola was the center. In the hall, other girls didn’t exist and his friends, he hadn’t spoke a word to then all day. School let out at 3:00 and Jake had baseball practice at 3:15. He said bye to Lola and headed straight for the field. Stopping only at his car to grave his bat. Practice that day didn’t go well. His mind was else where. It ended around 5:00. Jake walked through the school and out the front doors. And there sitting on the last step was Lola. Looking off onto the parking lots small sea of cars. She clutched her books as though she was in deep thought. Jake wasn’t sure if he should speak or just keep walking. Suddenly she turned and looked up the steps toward him, she had heard the door close behind him.

“Hi” she said in a calm low tone.

“Hey… what are you still doing here? Everyone’s gone”

“well your not gone..” she replied with a sassy smile.

“very true..”

“Really though, my friend was supposta give me a ride home but he flaked… im contemplating walking” she said with a laugh

“Oh.. well I could give you a ride?” he replied in a nonchalant voice. Although inside he was bursting with joy to have the chance to transport this ethnic princess to her home.

“That would be great…”

She stood up slowly and followed Jake to his small gray Toyota Camry. He opened the passenger door and moved the soda and Gatorade bottles to the back. Closing the door behind her, he took out his keys and headed for the other side. He sat in the drivers seat and started the car all in one motion. The radio started on a instant. The soft sound of classical jazz pulsed through the car. Lola turned with a look of slight amazement.

“Wow… you listen to classical jazz?”

“Well yea. It helps me think and calm’s me after baseball practice?”

“Oh..” She turned and positioned the books on her lap.

They drove through town. Past the Wendy’s and the Piggy Wiggly Mart. It was a smooth drive. Quiet and calm. They stopped at the red light. Jake looked to his left. They were two white women getting ready to walk across, they glanced at Lola then as Jake. There eyes glazed with disgust. Jake revved his engine and they scurried across like rats. At the site of the green light, Jake punched the gas, Lola’s hair bounced. After they got out of the center town Lola gave Jake turn by turn directions. They drove back until they reached the fields.

After a driving on a straight road for a few miles, they reached a small house with a rap around porch in the middle of a large field. It looked like a newly refurbished farm house. Jake pulled up the long road and stopped out front. On the porch they was a little old women in a rocking chair. Her brown skin was the same color as the wood which made it little difficult to distinguish. She had a look of contentment as she started onto the small chocolate boy sitting in the steps. He rolled a toy truck up and down the wind. When they saw the car pull up both of them looked. The boys face brightened in the sun and his smile was made of pure excitement. Lola opened the door and got her books.

“So… I’ll see you tomorrow rite?”

“yup..” she replied

“Do you need a ride?”

“Um sure…that would be such a help?”

“ok… I’ll be here at 7………wait hey is that your little brother?”

“no….. that’s my son”

Lola walked up to the house picking up her small son. She glanced at her grandmother and smiled, heading into the house. Jake looked at the grass in the front of the house, he filled with shock and slight disbelief. He backed out and drove home, slowly. He passed though all the fields and farms and thought. About everything. Everything that was Lola. He decided that she was not a random friend meet by chance. Lola was meant for more. No matter who she was before or what she had done. That didn’t matter, all that mattered was that she was here. And as he drove all he could think of was Lola in the sundress that day in the park, how beautiful she was. And he was glad to be her friend, he hoped one day it would be more. But now, he thought, she probably needed a friend a little bit more.

The next morning Jake was at Lola’s house at 6:59 on the dot.

The End.

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