Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Dumb boys and such things.
and so..since im under the age of 18.. boys are a major part of my life.
there dumb, yet im obsessed with them though my past few relationships have been pretty shitty. ex.1- a time when i barley new who i was... and i acted like it. I was shy and only opened up to some. He thought i was pretty. end of story...haha. but really we broke up because he was out going and i wasn't. He flirted in my face..and because i was so shy i just let him. soon after we broke up he moved on but now were really good friend..i mean i tell him everything. secretly he told me he really misses me and wants me back but that's a total other story.
ex.2- now he's a little more recent.. this relationship was very eye opening. Truly i can say it helped me grow. I realized no everyone is your friend, that not all relationships are meant to be and Never! [i repeat] NEVER let yourself be the side girl. so at first he was sooo into me but i was reluctant. Then randomly it was different. I wanted him so bad and he didn't care. long story short he got bored and when we went on a break (breaks are stupid.) he started talking to a "friend" of mines, while we still talked. I tried to win him back, mess around at school, but i soon realized i was the side joint and my "friend" was 'the girlfriend'. I was bitter but ive come to except it, and even though i still unfortunately want him..ive moved on. They are still together to this day...ironically her and i have the same name. (ha FML)
-hopefully my relationships will improve... ive got a new guy tho :) we'll see where it goes...i'll keep u updated

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