Thursday, March 19, 2009

Day 3.5

Best Friends that are 'Bad for no reason'

Sooo im beginning to realize that im truly thankful for my best friends. They get me through the day...i never show it but sometimes im really hurt inside [for numerous reasons] and just to hear one of them crack a dumb joke or just to be at my locker at the end of the day...i feel loved...and i need that. Thanks guys..ur the BEST.!

Ok so me and my friends started this "Crew", called the Bad For NO Reason Crew or better known as the BFNR......... It all started when i decided to come to school one day looking BAD [to make my, at the time new, ex jealous]...needless to say i don't think it worked.ha. but that day we coined the phrase.."bad for no reason" because i looked like a model amongst and since then we have all had our days of looking great with out a sure you've had one too...maybe your part of our crew..

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